We believe ADHD care should be fast, affordable, and accessible

The symptoms of ADHD can hold you back, but seeking diagnosis and treatment shouldn’t. That's why Finding Focus was created - to simplify the process and remove barriers to access.

There are no labels or stigma at Finding Focus

Approximately 1.8 million Canadians have ADHD, and every one is different. Let go of the frustration, anxiety, shame, guilt, or depression - we’re ready to hear your story and help you confidentially.

50% of Canadian adults with ADHD are currently undiagnosed

Adults with ADHD are 20% less likely to be employed and earn ~16% less

~50% of individuals with ADHD also experience depression and anxiety

The average cost for an ADHD assessment is over $2000. Try $399 instead.

Waitlists for diagnosis can extend to a year or longer. Try the same or next day instead.

Our patient-first philosophy


“Breaking barriers to bring healthcare directly to you.”
At Finding Focus, we prioritize accessibility, ensuring that our ADHD care is readily available to those who need it, without unnecessary barriers or delays.


“Don't wait weeks or months, let's get started within hours”
We understand the importance of timely care for ADHD, and we strive to provide quick and efficient services, minimizing wait times and maximizing the speed of our support.


"The most affordable ADHD care in Ontario, Canada”
Affordability is a core value for us. We aim to make our ADHD care as cost-effective as possible, ensuring that quality mental health services remain within reach for all individuals.


"There are no labels or stigma at Finding Focus”
We are committed to promoting equity in mental healthcare. Our approach ensures that everyone, regardless of their background or circumstances, receives the same high standard of care.


"Excellence is the cornerstone of our care philosophy”
At Finding Focus, we believe in delivering comprehensive care. Our services encompass a thorough examination and personalized treatment plans, addressing all aspects of your mental health journey.

Meet your licensed ADHD expert

Your dedicated clinician:

Holds a license to practice medicine in Ontario, Alberta, Manitoba, British Columbia, P.E.I, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and/or Saskatchewan  (MD or NP)

Specializes in Adult ADHD and mental health. CADDRA trained

Friendly, compassionate, and understanding

Ready to respond within hours, not weeks or months