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Quick Self-Assessment

This self-assessment quiz will help determine if you may be suffering from ADHD. It only takes 2 minutes, start your journey now!
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Phone Diagnosis Assessment

If your self-assessment indicates you may benefit from further assessment, you can schedule a simple, yet thorough 75 minute consultation with one of our expert ADHD clinicians.

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Receive Treatment Plan

Your clinicians will review the results of your consultation and if diagnosed, you will receive a personalized treatment plan which includes prescriptions.

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Medication Management
Behavioral Therapy
Lifestyle Adjustments
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Ongoing Monthly Care

Your clinician will provide ongoing care, treatment support, and symptom management with monthly follow-up visits.

Don’t need regular check-ins? You can purchase one-time check-ins with our experts instead.

Canada's fastest and most thorough ADHD diagnosis

Our diagnosis process follows the highest standard of medical care and is provided by licensed, expert clinicians who specialize in both mental health and Adult ADHD.

Get your diagnosis in hours!

Don’t wait for months to see your psychiatrist

Don’t wait for weeks to use other virtual clinics

Treatment plans customized just for you

Our diagnosis process follows the highest standard of medical care and is provided by licensed, expert clinicians who specialize in both mental health and Adult ADHD.

Medication Management

In the management of symptoms, both stimulant and non-stimulant medications are commonly employed to rapidly address impulse control issues - including prescriptions if applicable.

Behavioral Therapy

Unlock holistic ADHD care with Finding Focus. We offer referrals to leading CBT clinics for comprehensive therapy tailored to your needs. Embrace a well-rounded approach to ADHD management with Finding Focus.

Lifestyle Adjustments

In addition to medication and non-medication approaches, self-help strategies such as sleep, hygiene, diet, and exercise are provided to empower patients in effectively managing their symptoms.

Meet your licensed ADHD expert

Your dedicated clinician:

Holds a license to practice medicine in ON, MB, SK, AB, BC, NFLD, NS, NB, PEI (MD or NP)

Specializes in Adult ADHD and mental health

Friendly, compassionate, and understanding

Ready to respond within hours, not weeks or months

Canada’s most affordable private ADHD care

Don’t spend thousands for private psychiatrists or hundreds more for other online services. We believe access to ADHD care should be fast, affordable, and accessible from anywhere.

$399 CAD

One-time fee for diagnosis and treatment plan
75 minute comprehensive assessment
Diagnosis within hours, not weeks or months
Customized treatment plans if applicable
Completed remotely through video or phone
Access to licenced ADHD specialists
Expedited psychiatry referrals available

$24.99 CAD

Monthly fee for ongoing membership, check-ins and care
1 Monthly check-in with a licensed clinician
Adjustments to medications and treatment plan
Ongoing access to medications
Access to a referral network for CBT & ADHD Coaching
Access to licenced ADHD specialists
Access to available Family Medicine Consults

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