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Exploring Treatment Options for Adult ADHD

Explore common treatment options for adult ADHD, including medications, behavioural strategies, therapy, and more. Understand the pros and cons to make informed decisions about managing your ADHD with guidance from the Finding Focus Care Team.

Receiving a diagnosis of Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) can leave you sorting through various treatment possibilities. Understanding your options is crucial in making informed decisions alongside your healthcare provider. Here’s a concise guide to common ADHD treatments and their pros and cons, helping you tailor your approach to your needs.

Key Considerations for ADHD Treatment

  • Individualized Approach: No single treatment suits everyone; options vary in effectiveness from person to person.
  • Combination Therapies: Often, a mix of medications, therapy, and lifestyle changes yields the best results.
  • Trial and Response: Finding the right treatment might require trying different options to see what works best, especially with medications.
  • Co-existing Conditions: It’s important to address any other mental health issues alongside ADHD, as they can influence the effectiveness of treatment.

Common Treatment Modalities for Adult ADHD:


Psychiatric medications are frequently used to manage ADHD symptoms. Stimulants like methylphenidate and amphetamines are typical first-line treatments, known for their effectiveness but also potential for abuse. Non-stimulant options include atomoxetine and various antidepressants, used when stimulants are unsuitable.

  • Pros: High efficacy; improved concentration and control.
  • Cons: Possible side effects like insomnia and anxiety; potential for dependency.

Behavioural Strategies

Incorporating skills like time management, organization, and mindfulness can significantly aid those with ADHD. These techniques are crucial for long-term management and can be learned independently or with professional help.

  • Pros: No side effects; enhances life skills.
  • Cons: Requires time and effort to implement; may not be sufficient alone.


Therapy can be a powerful tool for managing ADHD, particularly cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), which helps modify negative thinking patterns and develop coping strategies. Finding Focus offers CBT therapy access and can set up referrals within less than 10 business days.

  • Pros: Addresses broader mental health issues; promotes self-awareness.
  • Cons: Can be costly and time-consuming; requires commitment to regular sessions.

ADHD Coaching

Coaches specialize in helping individuals set and achieve personal and professional goals, implementing effective behavioural techniques. Finding Focus can also arrange ADHD coaching referrals within less than 10 business days.

  • Pros: Practical, action-oriented support.
  • Cons: Unregulated profession; can be expensive.

Physical Activity

Regular exercise is beneficial for managing ADHD by increasing brain chemicals like dopamine, which is also a target of many ADHD medications.

  • Pros: Reduces symptoms; boosts overall health.
  • Cons: Requires consistency and motivation; may be challenging to start.

Making the Right Choice

Your journey in managing ADHD should start with a thorough evaluation and diagnosis. Combining professional advice with your personal needs and lifestyle will guide you toward the most effective treatment plan.

Financial Assistance

At Finding Focus, we understand that financial barriers can be a significant concern for many individuals. We offer flexible payment plans and discounts to help ensure that financial limitations do not stand in the way of receiving the care and support you need. If you have financial constraints, please contact us to discuss available options tailored to your situation.

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