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Navigating ADHD Treatment Barriers in Canada

Discover the challenges Canadians face in accessing ADHD care and learn about Finding Focus, a cost-effective, accessible solution offering comprehensive ADHD diagnosis and treatment options.

Navigating the path to an ADHD diagnosis and treatment in Canada can be fraught with obstacles, from unrecognized symptoms to systematic delays and prohibitive costs. Here’s a streamlined overview of why many Canadians struggle to receive ADHD care and a potential solution that could change the landscape.

Unrecognized ADHD Symptoms

A significant number of Canadians living with ADHD are unaware of their condition. Misconceptions among educators and healthcare providers often lead to ADHD symptoms being overlooked or misattributed during childhood, particularly in females or those presenting non-typical symptoms. This lack of early identification frequently extends undiagnosed ADHD into adulthood.

Challenges Within the Healthcare System

Extended Wait Times: Accessing ADHD diagnosis through public health routes involves lengthy waits. Patients can endure several months to over a year before seeing a specialist, delaying crucial treatment​ (Global News)​.

Limited GP Resources: General practitioners (GPs) often serve as the first point of contact for those seeking help. Yet, many GPs are not equipped to diagnose ADHD due to its complex nature and the controlled nature of common ADHD medications​ (MacEwan University)​.

High Costs of Private Care: Private ADHD assessments offer a quicker alternative but at a steep price, often ranging from $1000 to $2000, without guaranteeing comprehensive follow-up care. Such costs are unmanageable for many, leaving them without viable options​ (Global News)​​ (MacEwan University)​.

Finding Focus: An Accessible Alternative for ADHD Care

In response to these challenges, Finding Focus provides a more accessible and cost-effective option for Canadians needing ADHD treatment. Operating remotely in several provinces, Finding Focus is a dedicated ADHD clinic offering comprehensive and accessible care.

  • Initial ADHD Assessment: Conduct a thorough evaluation to diagnose ADHD.
  • Follow-Up Appointments: Essential for ongoing care and medication adjustments.
  • Extended Release Medication: We focus on extended-release medications to provide consistent symptom management throughout the day.
  • Documentation and Reporting: Generate diagnosis letters and detailed healthcare provider reports.
  • Additional Support Services: Assistance with disability forms, accommodation letters, etc.

Patients can expect to complete the initial assessment and begin discussing treatment options on the same day of their appointment. Follow-up and ongoing care are scheduled as needed to ensure optimal management of symptoms.

Financial Assistance

Finding Focus understands that financial barriers can be significant. We offer flexible payment plans and discounts to ensure that financial limitations do not prevent access to necessary ADHD care. We are one of the most affordable annual care providers for ADHD in Canada. Contact us to discuss available options tailored to your situation.

Take the first step towards managing your ADHD effectively. Complete Finding Focus’ quick pre-assessment and book your initial consultation. With Finding Focus, begin your journey to a focused and improved quality of life today.

Finding Focus Care Team

We are a group of nurse practitioners, continuous care specialists, creators, and writers, all committed to excellence in patient care and expertise in ADHD. We share content that illuminates aspects of ADHD and broader healthcare topics. Each article is medically verified and approved by the Finding Focus Care Team. You can contact us at if you have any questions!


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