Mastering ADHD

Succeeding in School with ADHD

Navigate college and university with ADHD using effective study techniques, time management tips, and support strategies. Discover ways to enhance your academic life and manage ADHD challenges, guided by the Finding Focus Care Team.

Navigating school with ADHD involves overcoming unique challenges such as poor time management, impulsivity, and executive dysfunction. While educational settings like college may not seem ideal, adopting specific strategies and trying new ones can enhance your academic life.

Effective Study Techniques

Read Aloud

Amplify retention by reading study materials aloud. This engages more senses, potentially increasing your focus and recall. Consider recording your sessions to replay them later .

Leverage Audio Tools

Utilize audiobooks or record lectures. Listening while performing other activities, like exercising, can help reinforce learning.

Use Visual Aids

Utilize visual learning techniques by using colorful sticky notes or drawing concepts. This method not only aids in memory but also makes learning more engaging.

Create Flashcards

Create flashcards to summarize key information. This active engagement with the material aids in retention and makes review sessions more effective.

Introduce Competition

Integrate quizzes and competitions into your study routine to harness your natural enjoyment of challenges, enhancing engagement and retention.

Tips for Building Structure

Multiple Calendars

Use both digital and physical calendars to keep track of deadlines and appointments. Customize your scheduling tools with colors and personal touches to make them enjoyable to use.

Progress Trackers

Break down large tasks into smaller, manageable goals. Use a progress chart to visually track your accomplishments, providing motivational boosts.

Consistent Bedtime

Establish a regular sleep schedule to improve daily functioning. Consistency in waking times can help regulate your sleep pattern.

Alarms and Reminders

Use alarms to manage study times and breaks effectively. Incorporate reminders for daily routines to aid in time management.

Pomodoro Technique

Adopt the Pomodoro Technique, using short bursts of focused activity followed by brief breaks to maintain concentration and prevent burnout .

Enhancing Your Study Environment

Dynamic Study Locations

Change your study environment when focus wanes. Different settings can stimulate your mind and boost productivity.

Front Row Seating

Sit at the front during lectures to minimize distractions and increase engagement.

Group Study

Collaborate with peers for mutual support and enhanced learning through discussion.

Support and Accommodations


Access school counseling services to discuss challenges and strategies for managing ADHD.

Medication Management

If prescribed, use medication as a tool to improve focus and academic performance. Keep medications organized and set reminders to maintain consistency.

Disability Services

Utilize your school’s disability services to explore accommodations that can facilitate a more supportive learning environment.

Healthy Lifestyle

Prioritize self-care through exercise, proper nutrition, and mindfulness practices to support mental and physical health .

For Undiagnosed ADHD

If you suspect you have ADHD but haven’t been diagnosed, services like Finding Focus offer fast, comprehensive assessments and management plans, all from the comfort of your home. Learn more about our services and take our free self-assessment.

Persisting through these strategies can transform your educational experience, allowing you to capitalize on your strengths and minimize the impact of ADHD on your academic achievements.

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